25 min Cardio & Core Workout Routine with Zanna van Dijk

Get ready for Zanna’s 25-minute cardio and core workout, combining high-intensity cardio moves with low-intensity core burners.

While looking great and feeling strong is one thing, a strong core also improves your posture and stability while also helping you achieve your overall fitness goals through improved form and prevention of injury.
This ab-burner will work your inner core strength, test your mental resilience and help you work towards over overall body tone.
One powerful circuit, 10 exercises, no equipment needed.

Grab a bottle of water and bring it on. Shop the adidas Women training collection at adidas.com/women.

Zanna van Dijk (@zannavandijk) is a London-based trainer and coach. We’ve teamed up with Zanna to bring you a series of intense workouts, including HIIT, core and cardio.

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