Pinterest introduces “Takes” and new ways to watch, discover and shop


Today, Pinterest is rolling out “Creators Rewards,” its first-ever in-product monetization program for creators, and the latest initiative to pay creators for producing inspirational content. Access to Creator Rewards is available in the U.S. through an all-new global Creator Hub, where creators can manage their Pinterest presence with tools, tips and insights. Additionally, as part of Creator Rewards, Pinterest is also providing micro-grants for projects that creators are passionate about or want to bring to life. For example: start a community garden, create a wellness program or fund a new beauty look. On top of that, Pinterest will issue a series of engagement-based goals inspired by trending topics or new Idea Pin features, and creators will have the opportunity to get paid for meeting the goal requirements. Pinterest is investing $20 million for Creator Rewards and other initiatives to support creators. 

In April, Pinterest launched its first-ever Creator Fund in the US, a program that elevated creators from underrepresented communities through financial and educational support. In July, the company introduced even more ways for creators to earn money on Pinterest, giving them the ability to make their Idea Pins shoppable, earn commissions through affiliate links, and partner with brands on sponsored content. Today, Pinterest is expanding its product tagging tool to include the Amazon Associates Program so creators in the US can add affiliate links from Amazon and earn commission on qualifying purchases. Research shows shoppers who visit Pinterest weekly outspend non-Pinners by 2x every month and have an 85% larger basket size.*

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