I Have Acne Scarring, and These Are the Only Products That Help


For most of my life, I have been blessed with pretty clear and even skin. While many of my friends battled with acne at school and throughout their teenage years, my skin stayed clear and blemish-free. That was until I hit my late 20s and I started to develop adult acne. Since then, I struggle to name a time that my face hasn’t had some sort of breakout or blemish. It is as though every time a spot started to heal, another would crop up. And so, I have been in a three-year cycle of breakouts, healing and scarring.

However, since seeking professional help from a dermatologist last year, things have been looking up. I haven’t had a notable breakout in four months (which is almost miraculous), and in terms of active spots, my skin is probably the clearest it has been in years. However, one thing I just can’t seem to get on top of is the scarring. To the naked eye, my complexion might still appear to have acne, but in reality, it’s just ongoing scarring.

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