8 Stylish Shoes French Women Deem Essential for Spring


As a confessed Francophile, I’m always looking for new ways to bestow my own looks with some Gallic charm. On the cusp of spring, I was particularly interested in finding out which spring shoes French girls are most likely to wear. It’s a tricky time to make footwear decisions—one minute it’s raining, the next it’s glorious blue skies, so I’m always looking for inspiration and guidance when selecting shoes between seasons.

In the name of research, I scrolled through dozens of profiles belonging to fashionable French influencers and, after looking at the imagery I amassed during this deep dive, I realised that eight specific shoe styles kept cropping up, some of which I expected, but others? Total curveballs.
With everything from classic flats to their go-to detailing, keep scrolling to see the French-girl spring shoes influencers love to wear.

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