I’ve Worked in Fashion for 30 Years—These 8 Simple Pieces Work Every Summer


If anyone knows whether an item is worth buying or not, it’s Tracey Lea Sayer. Having been in the business of fashion for 30 years now, Lea Sayer is a style insider who says it like it is. She wants her clothes to work hard for the money and is a dab hand when it comes to hunting down timeless high-street pieces. As well as sharing her knowledge via Fabulous magazine as fashion director, she charts her own wardrobe over at . Her outlook is about buying less, buying better, and restyling what you already own. This month, she shares the items she’s worn every single summer in recent history. Over to you, Tray!

As I have gotten older, I very much shop for what I need rather than what I want. When I dash around the shops on appointments for work and scroll through my Instagram account, I see loads of stuff that would make me the most fashionable Instagrammer in town, but when I actually take a step back and ask myself, “Do I actually need that?” the answer is normally no.

As a fashion director, I am in a very privileged position where I often see pieces before they hit the shop floor. This gives me time to think about what I need to build a more sustainable, long-lasting wardrobe rather than a “pile ’em high, throw ’em out after a few wears” kind of wardrobe. I have no interest in this now. I like to think that I have fallen in love with slower style because fashion has become far too fast and furious for me.

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