3 Sandal Styles a Podiatrist Wants You to Break Up With


Of course, we mainly chatted about flat sandals, so I wanted to know if you have to swear off heels for good to really look after your feet.

“We would tend to advise, in general, that you avoid a heeled shoe as, amongst other things, it increases the chances of falls, especially if it’s also backless. But if you had to wear a heel, it’s generally advised to not go for more than an inch. If you are a heel wearer, you should also be varying your heel high. If you wear the same high heel height all the time, you’ll shorten the muscles at the back of your legs.”  

In summary, avoid the following three sandal styles for ultimate foot health: 

1. Flip-flops

2. Pool sliders 

3. High heels 

Below, based on McConnachie’s advice, I’ve hunted down a mix of sandals that fit the bill of being better for your feet. Remember, if you’re concerned about your feet, make an appointment with a podiatrist. Keep scrolling for the podiatrist-approved sandals we recommend…

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