This Is the Trick to Finding the Most Expensive-Looking Pieces at H&M


As a fashion editor, there’s a few tricks I have up my sleeve for shopping the high street. There’s so many expensive-looking gems to be found, after all—you just have to know where to look for them. H&M is one of my regular haunts when I’m looking for affordable but chic wardrobe pieces to top up my collection, and although its new-in sections are full of trend-focused buys that are at risk of being worn for one season and then forgotten, there are some insider hacks I use to shortcut my way to the better investments. 

One of those is to look at the premium section first— here you’ll find the best fabrics and most thoughtful designs. Another thing I do is bypass the trend sections and make a beeline for the minimalist classics. Recently, as I was scrolling through doing just this, trying to pinpoint the most expensive-looking buys for my weekly high street column, I noticed there was one common denominator between all the polished pieces I was drawn to in H&M’s latest drop. They were all shades of white, from creamy oat to pristine brights. I quickly filtered my search to focus on just these and uncovered a treasure trove of expensive-looking pieces without having to trawl through the rest of the site to find them. 

I’ve always thought dressing in white is a sure fire way to look rich— at least, it looks like you can afford endless dry cleaning bills, anyway. So it makes sense that I was drawn to these fresh pieces when searching for elevated staples to uplift our summer wardrobes. Not to mention there’s nothing easier (or chicer) in summer than throwing on a white dress. 

Now that I’ve let you in on my secret for shopping the best pieces at H&M, keep scrolling to shop the new-in white pieces that stood out to me most…

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